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Software and Data Engineer

Irvine, California
Programmer Analyst - Data    
Irvine, California

At our company, data and operations are a core part of our business and programmer analysts are among our most valued resources. This role is mission critical, so we’re searching for an uncommonly reliable professional who enjoys coding, working with and analyzing data, and providing support for production systems. In addition to programming and data analysis, this position is likely to involve interaction with external resources such as data providers, brokers, dealers, and software vendors.
Successful candidates will have experience in a number of the following general areas: 
  • Programming: strong experience with Python, Java, SQL, and/or similar languages
  • Large data sets: experience developing programs to parse, process, clean, organize, and analyze large data sets
  • Applications: experience designing, developing, and maintaining software applications
  • Vendor interaction: working with external resources to solve problems, acquire data, and improve relationships.
  • System tools: experience with scripting languages (Perl, Python, shell scripts, etc.), and Unix-based operating systems (especially Linux)
About Us

For over two decades, the company’s team has built quantitative trading systems that have produced exceptional results across a range of financial markets. We use scientific methods and engineering discipline to solve challenging problems and develop technology solutions. Our Irvine office is as unique as our Southern California location, combining elements of high tech, finance, and applied research in a collegial atmosphere and beautiful workspace.

As an employer, we are small, discreet, and highly selective. We look for exceptional people with proven track records of performance and achievement, and are far more interested in aptitude and potential than expertise in any particular technology, tool set, or professional domain. If you're inspired by the idea of working on interesting problems with talented colleagues, we invite you to share your resume and explore the possibility of joining our team.


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