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C++ Simulation Engineer (San Francisco/ New York)

New York, NY
C++ Simulation Engineer
San Francisco, New York City · Full Time
Job Description
Our goal is to make building an agent-based simulation for blockchains and smart-contracts as streamlined as possible. At the core of our infrastructure stack is a blazing fast C++ engine that allows us to simulate protocols, contracts, and network interactions millions of times faster than they run in reality.
  • Design and optimize the performance of the core simulation engine, working with researchers to implement blockchain security models for everything from Ethereum contracts to novel Proof of Stake protocols
  • Use modern C++ techniques and libraries to maximize the leverage of each line of code that you written
  • Play a key role in the deployment and research processes, getting your hands dirty with everything from ABIs to non-convex optimizers
  • Build large-scale, massively parallel systems to enable developers around the world to quickly iterate on blockchain protocols
  • Advanced experience with low-latency C++ systems from industries such as machine learning, gaming, algorithmic trading, and/or the computational sciences
  • Experience with threading and writing concurrent libraries
  • Familiarity with Boost, C++14, and C++17 features
  • Ability to work in both Linux and Mac environments
  • Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, or Statistics (PhD preferred)
Bonus Points:
  • Familiarity with numerical libraries and C++ machine learning libraries such as xgboost and TensorFlow
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