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Full-Stack Engineer (New York/ San Francisco)

New York, NY
Full-Stack Engineer
San Francisco, New York City · Full Time
Job Description
Our goal is to make building an agent-based simulation for blockchains and smart-contracts as streamlined as possible. At the core of our infrastructure stack is a blazing fast C++ engine that allows us to simulate protocols, contracts, and network interactions millions of times faster than they run in reality. Our full-stack engineer will help build the infrastructure and interface we and our clients use to run and analyze these simulations.
  • Automate and scale simulation model deployment on cloud infrastructure
  • Developing scalable ETL pipelines for analyzing public blockchain data and simulation results
  • Design and implement a Python SDK that interfaces with the C++ simulation engine
  • Building static analysis tools and agent-based simulations for smart contracts
  • Experience developing production quality software in C++, Python, Go, or other high-performance languages
  • Experience building and scaling applications on public cloud infrastructure (Docker, AWS/GCP, Kubernetes, Mesos, etc..)
  • Experience with distributed computation frameworks and related technologies such as Spark, HDFS, Flink, etc..
Bonus Points
  • Smart contract development experience (e.g. Solidity)
  • Experience with building machine learning infrastructure at scale
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