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Algorithmic Trading Operations Supervisor (Asia Markets)

Princeton, NJ
Algorithmic Trading Operations Supervisor (Evening to Early Morning Hours - Asia Markets)

We're searching for an individual to monitor the operation of a proprietary platform which executes an algorithmic trading strategy on Asia’s developed stock markets remotely from our offices in Princeton, NJ.  This role is mission critical, so we’re searching for an uncommonly reliable person who enjoys working independently, is motivated to learn new skills, and has superior judgement to call for support from a professional team when needed.
We expect candidates to be:
  • Well-organized, methodical, and systematic in their approach to operations and technical problem-solving.
  • Adept at understanding complex systems and interactions, including the ability to sort through dynamic datasets to analyze key indicators, find potential errors, and notice deviations from the norm.
  • Demonstrably competent at dealing with numbers, including mental arithmetic and written calculations.  Preferably, showing an intuitive understanding of some higher math (e.g., derivative/integral calculus, probability and statistics)
  • Enthusiastic about the challenges and opportunities of sustaining a culture of compliance and operational risk management.
  • Able to confidently communicate with senior executives and business counter-parties as a primary representative of the firm.
  • Able to demonstrate well-developed critical thinking skills and attention to detail.
  • Proficient working with computers and software, including the use of spreadsheets, formulas, and functions.  Experience coding in VBA and SQL is a strong plus.
  • Unequivocally reliable to work without direct supervision.  An ideal candidate will have experience working independently and in non-traditional hours. 
Tasks and duties will include:
  • Operation of an algorithmic trading platform covering various equity markets, primarily during the evening hours, but with flexibility for a rotating schedule.
  • Interfacing with brokers regarding trading activity, corporate actions, stock borrow facilities, and electronic file transfers.
  • Reconciling transactions and positions between brokers and trade accounting systems.
  • Continuously evaluating and managing risks displayed on the trading platform without being distracted by supplementary work.
  • Extracting data from large datasets to assess performance and make analytical recommendation to improve operations.
  • Reviewing documents relating to corporate reorganizations, distributions and special situations in order to make recommendations, take independent action within company guidelines, and manage front line accounting of large-dollar transactions.  
  • Understanding the regulations within a number of the world’s stock markets in order to ensure operational compliance with these external rules and internal company policies.
  • Maintaining accurate records in support of operations, ongoing projects and initiatives.
  • Communicating with technical experts to troubleshoot any anomaly or system issue.
  • Working with company leadership and staff to improve systems, policies and develop best practices.
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