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Cloud Platform Engineer (CHI)

Chicago, IL
If you aspire to:
  • Deepening your knowledge of containers, virtual machines, and bare metal servers
  • Expanding your coding skills beyond basic application development
  • Working closely with seasoned Storage professionals to solve real business problems
  • Learning the operational and engineering side of storage management
  • Working in a dynamic, challenging environment
If you’ve got an interest in:
  • Orchestration of containers, VMs, and bare metal servers
  • Cloud layer provisioning, code promotion, and management of compute, storage, and network services
If you’ve proven you have:
  • A whatever it takes attitude
  • Good communication skills
  • A solid understanding of programming concepts and coding experience
  • Solid Linux skills
  • A general knowledge of cloud compute and storage concepts
  • Experience with languages such as go, python, and shell scripting
  • The ability to handle multiple critical tasks
Platform Engineer
  • Active member of experienced engineering team, focused on cloud services offering to other teams within the company and it's afilliates.
  • Work independently as well as part of a team, with global customers and strong uptime requirements.
  • Establish, maintain and evolve concepts in continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for existing and new services.
  • Write clean, stable and safe code in short time frames and frequent increments.
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Operations teams to improve the automation of workflows, infrastructure, code testing, and deployment.
App Migration
  • Act as lead engineer, working with customer teams, to migrate their Apps to use the cloud platform.
  • Work closely with App teams to responsibly lay out technical, operational, and dependencies for clean migration
  • Assess schedules and own the overall migration timetable
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