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CLB Trader

New York, NY
Background: The CLB is a book which aggregates trades made by Fundamental Equity Portfolio Managers and combines them into a single book before executing them. It therefore trades Equities and related hedging instruments and generally looks at alpha on the hours-to-days timespan given the size and liquidity of the underlying trades, which it receives from Portfolio Managers.
  • Manage the risk of the book, using both systematic and discretionary views
  • Oversee the trading process, including understanding the ways trades are generated
  • Understand sources of return and implications for trading costs, internal transfer pricing mechanics, and market impact modeling
  • Engage with the market-side execution algorithms used to execute in the market, understand how they work, and contribute to the efforts to measure their performance more cleanly
  • Work to source liquidity from alternate liquidity sources, such as bilateral trading with the sell-side, and understand how to accurately measure the outcomes from this process and determine whether or not this is beneficial to the firm’s P&L
  • Work closely with Quant Researchers. Use trading intuition and mathematical knowledge to suggest hypotheses for research process and use mathematical knowledge to understand their research results
  • Monitor our systematic execution processes to ensure that they are behaving as expected
  • Oversee experimentation and understand statistical significance and various comparative methods
  • At least a BS in Math, Physics, or EE
  • Familiarity with Execution Algorithms
  • Experience quantitatively trading Equities
  • Experience managing risk
  • Can understand and manage complex trading systems
  • Familiar with C++/Python/R/Q
  • Pro-active / self-starter, able to take initiative
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