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Equities Platform Engineer - Devops (Automation) NY

New York, NY
  • Work directly with the investment businesses to deliver a high-value, high-quality production environment.
  • Work directly with the development teams across all corners of the stack to ensure smooth design and execution of all technical changes.
  • Work directly with the operational teams to implement software solutions which encourage a safe release and maintenance process.
  • Work directly with the product management teams to enhance the autonomy of the workflow, from source → tracking → CI → CD.
  • Become deeply familiar with the equities software suite, owning the operational landscape: monitoring, usage, and performance.
  • Drive the frontier for tech adoption within the organization, making data-driven decisions about product choices and trades.
  • Identify and architect opportunities for automation.
  • Connect different teams and solutions together as the umbrella to consolidate technology implementations across the company. This role has a lot of exposure - a fantastic opportunity to touch the larger surface area of the company.
  • Aid in the growth of the DevOps culture within this new and exciting technologist space, both individually and across the other teams!
  • Proficiency in Python, C++, or Javascript.
  • Comprehension of language tooling, from package management (Conda, Yarn) to build systems (CMake, Bazel). Monorepo experience a plus.
  • Experience in system and configuration management (Ansible, Puppet, Terraform).
  • Familiarity with frontend and backend development. End-to-end understanding of basic architectures, from MVC to SPAs>servers>databases.
  • Fluency in SDLC and GitOps practices, from tracking (Git, Bitbucket, JIRA) to process (Agile, Scrum, Kanban) to full CI/CD (Bamboo, Jenkins, GitLab).
  • Previous experience in software testing: any of static analysis, unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests.
  • Understanding of ops responsibilities: SLAs, on-call rotations, Service Desk, Pagerduty.
  • Grasp on virtualization (Docker) and orchestration (Kubernetes).
  • Prior usage of a monitoring platform (Splunk, Datadog, Grafana).
  • Awareness of the tech landscape, enabling the proper trade of new cloud technologies. Previous AWS or GCP experience a plus.
  • Crossplatform competence.
  • Entrepreneurial decision-making. Experience taking calculated risks in the balance of product and schedule pressure.
  • Ownership. Willingness to become the CEO of all tools you touch, and the grit to seek any knowledge that is required to get there.
  • Problem-solving curiosity. Production support requires discernment - the curious almost always prevail in these situations.
  • Passion for the proper - the keen eye to recognize a flaw, propose an alternative, implement the fix, and deploy it without abrasion to existing users.
  • Written and verbal communication skills, with not only technologists/developers but finance/business disciplines as well.

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