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Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer

Irvine, California
About the security team
Our security team is small but our scope is large, and includes everything from physical security to threat intelligence. We aim to develop security solutions that intelligently manage risk without creating excessive friction for the rest of the firm. Team members have the necessary context and autonomy to make informed decisions, so that work can get done with minimal bureaucracy. We have the budget and management support to do what we think is right for the business.
Generally speaking, our security team is a low-stress place to work, especially compared to many other security organizations. Everyone on the team participates in on-call duties, but they are usually quite minimal. We will continue to work hard to keep it that way.
About the infrastructure security engineering role
Many of the projects on our security roadmap involve infrastructure, which is why we are hiring for this role right now. Our firm has multiple networks in a unique architecture, a large high performance computing environment, a variety of operating systems (mostly Linux-based), and our own physical data centers. Securing this infrastructure is the primary challenge that our first dedicated infrastructure engineer will address.
Example projects include figuring out a way to patch servers in an HPC cluster, improving network monitoring, creating analytics from security logs (we use Splunk), and helping the team be prepared for incident response.
Highly-desired qualifications
  • Degrees in computer science, information systems, or similar disciplines
  • Several years of security engineering experience on an enterprise team
  • Expertise in Linux-based platforms
  • Experience with network security architectures and technologies
  • Experience developing security tools with Python
  • Experience with incident response; expertise not required

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